Saturday, July 12, 2008

Featuring a Spectacular Blend of 'LIVE' Music from the World's Finest Artistes:

Flo Rida
DJ Latin Prince
Pop Shuvit
VJ Callen

Yep, Imma get low with Flo Rida, Machi and Pop Shuvit @ the Hennessy Artistry event on July 19th!!! ^_^

On June 27th, I received an email from Team Hennessy V.S.O.P:

Dear Michelle Kirsten

Get ready to rock with us 'cos Hennessy Artistry is raising the party experience to incredible heights! RSVP now for your exclusive passes to the massive party at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena on 19 July '08.

Come and be blown away by some of the world's finest mix of artists. Nothing less than the likes of Flo Rida, Machi, DJ Latin Prince, Pop Shuvit, and VJ Callen will be shaking it up at this mega-event!

Team Hennessy V.S.O.P

A few days ago, I received a call from a Hennessy representative and I confirmed my attendance again with her. As I was only entitled to one exclusive pass to the event, I thought I would have to go there alone because it is not a public event; just for Hennessy members only... so I thought I couldn't bring anyone with me. However, when I told Julz about the event, she told me that she knew the organiser of the event and that he offered her some exclusive passes! So I'll be going there with Julz and (hopefully) Sacha... yayyy!!!

Marcus (a so-called "friend") had agreed to be my date for the night but he seems pretty "busy" with his "girlfriend" lately... so I doubt he would turn up that night... =|

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Anywayz, for those of you who are going to the event, see you guys at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena on Saturday! ;D

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