Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hennessy Artistry: The Global Art of Mixing

Hennessy Artistry truly raised the party experience to incredible heights at Bukit Kiara Indoor Arena on 19 July 2008.

We were all blown away by the world's finest mix of artistes. Flo Rida, Machi, DJ Latin Prince, Pop Shuvit, and VJ Callen truly shook it up at this mega-event!

These are the pics taken at the Party Of The Year:

The entrance to the indoor arena

Polaroid pic courtesy of Hennessy: Julz & I posing @ the red carpet. We sure felt like celebs when 3 other event photographers kept taking pics of us! ;P

These two are my former co-workers @ Ixtive Media.

Polaroid pic courtesy of Hennessy: Jacqueline Lim (former editor of IF mag) & Jason Voon (Jacq's boo; nicest guy I know)

Registration counter

DJ warming up the crowd

I love the design...

The Global Art of Mixing, baybeh...

Hennessy showcase

Hennessy KL

Hennessy Miami

Hennessy Paris

Hennessy Shanghai

Breathtaking interior design with superb lightings

Hennessy Artistry raising the party experience to incredible heights!

Hennessy City Cocktails: KL, Miami, Paris & Shanghai (yep... free flow, baby)

My personal fav: KL (of coz)

Jacq, Jase & Belinda Chee (one of the MCs)

Khailee (who redefined "dirty dancing" that night together with Justin Foo *ahem!*) & Jacq. We were supposed to take a pic together but we didn't cuz I had to 'disappear' on him... =P Sorry, Khailee... karaoke soon? ;D

I was right in front, shaking my @ss to the music

I was dancing and practically krumping to "Low" (the #1 song in the world right now AND my fav club song of all time) while yelling, "Shawty had 'em apple bottom jeans (jeans), boots wit da fur (wit da fur), da whole club was lookin' at her... she hit da flo (she hit da flo), next thing you know, shawty got low low low low low low low low..."

I was blown away by all the artistes who performed that night... *woot!* Party of the year, baby!

Jacq & Jase (cutest couple I know)

Me and Jacq

From left: Joe Balan (my good friend and former colleague @ Ixtive Media) was the Senior Editor of Tatler mag, then Chief Editor of IF & Crave mags and then the editor of FHM mag; Julz (my BFF), me, Jacq & Jacq's friend (I forgot her name!)

Thanks for an unforgettable night, guys! xoxo


Anonymous said...

Is this the Pr job you mention you were doing? looks great!! keep up the good work :D

michsue said...

heyyyy... youuu... ;D nah, i turned down the job at the PR firm... i'm now a freelance copywriter cum recruitment consultant (headhunter) cum entrepreneur too... ;P once everything has settled down, i'll explain to u more bout what i really do... =D take care, vince!