Tuesday, June 20, 2006

王力宏 - 盖世英雄

Wang Lee Hom - Gai Shi Ying Xiong

盖世英雄 (Gai Shi Ying Xiong) - Heroes of Earth is definitely a surprise for all Lee Hom fans. Lee Hom again shows everyone his talent and passion in music. Combining Eastern and Western music elements together is no longer a special idea in Taiwan's music industry. However, Lee Hom added the most classic Chinese music – 京剧 (jing ju) in this album, which makes it unique.

在梅边 (Zai Mei Bian) - Beside The Plum Blossoms started off with the classic 京剧 (jing ju). You will have the illusion of listening to the traditional Chinese tune until Lee Hom starts rapping. This song gives out a very smooth feeling as the tune is very lively. Credit has to be given to Lee Hom by promoting this Chinese classic to the whole world. The last part of this song is a perfect rap from Lee Hom and ended a very typical 京剧 (jing ju) way.

花田错 (Hua Tian Cuo) - Mistake In The Flower Field is one of the hits songs you could easily listen from the radio stations (even from English radio stations). There are quite a number of musical instruments used in this song and gives out a very pleasant feeling to listen to. 盖世英雄 (Gai Shi Ying Xiong) - Heroes Of Earth is the song that Lee Hom uses to promote his hard work in this album. Lee Hom added English and Cantonese lyrics in this song. If you pay attention to the lyrics, he mentioned that he added 京剧 (jing ju) and hip hop in his music.

Kiss Goodbye is a very Lee Hom style of sad love song. It brings a similar feeling of one of his classic songs 唯一 (Wei Yi) - Only One. The melancholic tune and the touching lyrics have made this song a favorite pick in KTV.

Another surprise in this album would be the interaction between Lee Hom and Rain (). Few could predict the chances of Lee Hom having a collaboration with this Korean popular idol. The good relationship between Lee Hom and Rain's producer is the major factor Rain was successfully invited. Apart from writing the lyrics and tune, Lee Hom is also the producer of this song 完美的互动 (Wan Mei De Hu Dong) - Perfect Interaction. Another Korean artiste featured in this song is Lim Jeonghee (임정희) aka J-Lim.

大城小爱 (Da Cheng Xiao Ai) - Big City Small Love is a very sentimental song, put in a very relaxed tune. You will easily sing along with this song. The lyrics are simple and direct, a very important factor for love song to get popular among fans. This is indeed a perfect song for anyone to dedicate to their loved ones. Other songs in this album include 第一个清晨 (Di Yi Ge Qing Chen) - The First Morning, 哥儿们 (Ge Er Men) - Brothers, 让开 (Rang Kai) - Step Aside and 爱, 因为在心中 (Ai, Yin Wei Zai Xin Zhong) - Because Love Is In The Heart.

The overwhelming market reaction shows that Lee Hom had started a revolution in the Chinese music industry by adding different music elements in this album. Despite introducing different music elements, Lee Hom still preserved his unique way of singing and his own style.

At the recent 17th Annual Golden Melody Awards, Lee Hom won the Best Mandarin Pop Male Singer Award. He also won the Taiwan's Favorite Artiste Award at the 2006 MTV Asia Awards.

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