Monday, June 19, 2006

My Rendezvous With Wang Lee Hom... *ahem*

I went to the Amway's National Convention at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil yesterday with my mom, Joe (my youngest bro), Aaron (my cousin), Joanna (Aaron's wife) and Aaron's mom, Aunt Teresa (my mom's elder sister). We went there at 4 ish altho the event was scheduled to start at 6 p.m. cuz we wanted to get the best seats in the house.

At 5 ish, Jaclyn Victor, Daniel Lee and a Malay diva performed. Jaclyn and Daniel did a duet too. They sang Carrie Underwood's "Inside Your Heaven". They were awesome!!! I dun like Daniel Lee tho... I think he's too cheesy... =P

It was a grand event as it was also Amway's 30th birthday celebration. However, it was a torture for me to wait till 11.45 p.m. before Wang Lee Hom finally appeared!!! We waited for more than 6 hours, okie!!! >.< They saved the best for last, I guess... =/ Lee Hom looked like an Asian Greek god... *swoons* The cheers were deafening when he appeared... phwoar... *_*

His performance was superb!!! He sang 10 songs including: Gai Shi Ying Xiong (Heroes Of Earth), Zai Mei Bian (Beside The Plum Blossoms), Wei Yi (Only One) and Forever Love. In Gai Shi Ying Xiong, he rapped Jin's part in Cantonese... and the crowd cheered cuz he never rapped in Cantonese before! Btw, Jin is the dude whose hit single was "Learn Chinese" and he made a cameo appearance in 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Anywayz, for the 1st song (Elton John's "Your Song"), Lee Hom played the piano and sang it beautifully. Here's the video clip for it:

Then he and his B-boys danced to Gai Shi Ying Xiong and Zai Mei Bian. There were about 50,000 ppl there last night and we all sang along when he sang Wei Yi and Forever Love. It was so awesome!!! Woohoo!!!

I heard from Aaron that Amway paid Lee Hom RM 0.8 million for the gig. The shirt that Lee Hom wore last night cost RM 10,000 as it was diamond studded... impressive, huh? I can't wait for Lee Hom to come to KL again!!! I kinda promised Janice (Rogers' youngest sister) that I would bring her and Joanne (Rogers' other sister) to see Lee Hom the next time he comes to KL... ;D

Here are some video clips recorded at the stadium:

"Amway... Amway..."


Lee Hom singing "Forever Love"... *melts*


Lee Hom singing "Wei Yi"... *faints*


sushi_pillow said...

Amway paid rm0.8million to Leehom for 1 hour performance ;) it's in the news few weeks ago.

sushi_pillow said...

that is why he was so happy jumping and singing and reply to your encores... and performed even better than his genting's show.

i went down to the ground right b4 his performance and i was down there few metres/separated by the staircase from him only.

michsue said...

=D lee hom is not only good-looking but he's so incredibly talented as well! heck, he plays the piano, guitar, "er hu" and drums!!! and his voice is really good... he's like, this perfect being... the guy of my dreams... *sighs* but he's WAY outta my league... ='(

Anonymous said...

I heard people said AMWAY paid Lee Hom 1.5 million. Also, the shirt is not that expensive :P, because I have got the shirt as well and also the cap.
Lee Hom always tries to do his best, his Taiwan concerts were that good also, and in fact there was no encore, because Lee Hom was going to sing those songs as I heard the instrument people practised the songs before the anniversary started.

michsue said...

erm... i think u didn't read properly.. the shirt was DIAMOND STUDDED... of coz it cost that much... my cousin was working backstage and he was the one who told me... also, my cousin was in the organizing committee and he said Amway paid him RM 0.8 million... =)