Wednesday, June 14, 2006

*Eric Lin Jian Hui*

Eric Lin Jian Hui
Album: Zuo Bian

I just realized that my friend, Eric Lim Kien Fei aka Lin Jian Hui is quite famous... he's a celebrity now! He got his own fan club and website! I didn't realize he was THAT famous... cuz I never really looked at him that way. It seems surreal that someone I've known for so many years is so famous now... I'm so proud of you, Eric! CLICK HERE to watch his latest music video of Kuai Le Wang Zi. It's a lil' corny tho... ;P Sorry, Eric... just being honest... hahaha... I'm sure it wasn't YOUR idea... *ahem*

You can download his ringtones and caller tunes from DiGi. This is his official site: and this is his blog:

Eric was the winner of Astro Talent Quest 2001 and not long after, he released a single entitled Rang Wo Kao Jing Ni. His debut album, Zuo Bian (Left Side), is considered a success and I love all the songs in his album... especially Love's Eternity, the only English song in the album. It's jazzy and romantic... written by Eric himself. Btw, Eric is English-educated... =)

His 2nd album is out... it's called You Bian (Right Side). He said that the songs in this album are more upbeat and danceable. I'm gonna buy it ASAP!!! ^_^

You Bian

I was chatting with him on MSN just now and his nickname was linkin5. It's actually his name in Cantonese: Lam Kin Fai. It sure does sound like linkin5... doesn't it? He thought I wouldn't be able to guess what it meant... ish... >.<

I erased his e-mail address for fear that his fans would start adding him on MSN

I guess he had nothing better to do these days cuz he was teaching me how to customize my desktop. This is how his desktop looks like now:

Kien Fei's Desktop...

Yo Eric, you hang in there, aight? Don't worry too much about you-know-what. Have a great time with Iris in Aus! ;)


xenoirita said...

Hi thanks a bunch for the url and update in english! kinda difficult to search his site w/o knowing chinese ish.i like his performance so much ever since the astro talent quest 2001.

michsue said...

lemme thank u on eric's behalf... thanks for ur support!!! *bows*

sweety said...

hi......canot give eric msn ma???hehe
i really hope can chat with him...
like him so much...
but know is imposible can get his msn la...hehe..anyways..thx

michsue said...

hey sweety, i'm afraid i cant... or he'll cut me into pieces! ;P it's surreal that this silly friend of mine has pretty fans like u... hehehe...

Andrea said...

hello...can i have eric's msn ?
please...i beg u
i really love him...please