Thursday, June 15, 2006

Runaway Vacation + The Benchwarmers

Bridget and I went to 1-Utama for lunch (at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng) and movie (Runaway Vacation) and we did some shopping too... ^_^ I bought a blue off-the-shoulder top at Yihshion... hehehe... the name reminds me of Yih Shin... oh gosh, I miss that fella!!! Sorry, Jas... but your bf is just too cute! ;P Anywayz, RV was a heartwarming comedy... Bridget and I laughed our heads off at Robin Williams' funny antics... =D

After the movie, we walked around for a short while and then we went back to GSC to wait for Daniel Ding to arrive. When Dan appeared, Bridget left without saying hi to him cuz she was too shy... *ahem* Well, I can't blame her... Dan is only like, the most talented, most intelligent, most caring and most godly guy I know. Not only does he look good but he has a personality to go with it.

He's a year older than I am and he's a worship leader/youth leader/preacher/guitarist/bassist at Church Of Praise, Ipoh and a med student from Royal College of Medicine, Perak. CLICK HERE to find out how we met... =P Whenever I'm down, he NEVER fails to cheer me up cuz the advices he gives are godly and wise and he's always more than willing to be there for me when I need someone to talk to. Thanks man... what would I do without you? =)

We met up and then we went into the cinema hall to watch The Benchwarmers, starring Rob Schneider and David Spade. It was hilarious!!! Dan and I enjoyed ourselves very much... ^_^ The next time he's in KL, we're gonna catch some gory movies together... cuz we both love that genre!!! We were supposed to take some pics together that night but we kinda forgot... =P It's okie... he promised he would take lotsa pics with me when he comes to KL again in mid August... after his exams... =D

After the movie, we had dinner at Vietnam Kitchen and the food was great!!! We talked a lot about the church ministries that we're both involved in and he enlightened me a lot. He has inspired me to write more gospel songs and to be a good leader... =D So thanks again, Pastor Dan... hehehe... I call him "Pastor" cuz I know that he will become one someday... ;D You go, bro!

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