Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Girls' Night Out!!!

After collecting my spectacles from Calvin at 8 ish just now, Sacha called me after her French class at HELP Institute. She picked me up at 9 ish and then we picked Hsiao Wei up from Puchong. We adjourned to Bangsar after that and we checked a few places out such as The Lockup and Castle. We finally decided to go to La Bodega Lounge and had a jug of Sex On The Beach (extra strong), Gambas "Paco Alcalde" (prawns in an "Andalusia style" spicy garlic & tomato sauce) and Champiñones al ajillo (button mushrooms sautéed in olive oil & garlic). I love Spanish food!!!

The 3 of us had a great time there and we even tried a Graveyard-like cocktail. It was stronger than Graveyard but I enjoyed it altho it was almost too bitter for me... =P Sacha's friend, "Boy" (we dunno his real name cuz everyone calls him "Boy") who's a bartender there made us drink the Graveyard-like cocktail plus a Long Island-like cocktail too. Those 2 drinks were his "secret recipe", btw... so they dun have proper names. I was slightly tipsy after a few gulps of that Graveyard-like cocktail (I drank Sex On The Beach before that, mind you) but I could still talk coherently. We played Taboo when we were relaxing on the couch... and I played it well... =D Even Sacha and Hsiao Wei said that my mind seems to work faster when I'm tipsy, okie... >.<

After sending Hsiao Wei home at 2 a.m., Sacha and I got lost in Puchong! We almost went to Seremban man... =_=" We ended up in Seri Kembangan... near my eldest bro's place... so I helped Sacha to find the way back to Kuchai Lama. An hour later, I reached home safe and sound... whew... =/ The last time I got lost on the road was last year... with Jasmine... in PUCHONG. Maybe I'm jinxed or something... =(

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aNgeLic JuLiA said...

u got lost in puchong?! u sed u noe the way out!!

nope. i got home at abt 1.40am. coz when i reached my house it was 1.45am :P

ooh, n i tot u would mention abt me vomitting :P haha