Saturday, November 17, 2007

How I Spent My Friday Night

Last night, Julz and Keith picked me up from work and we tried the Nasi Lemak Famous in Bangsar (recommended by my youngest bro, Joe). It wasn't THAT fantastic la... just mediocre... I had tasted better ones elsewhere... especially the one at Paramount Garden... they serve the BEST OF THE BEST nasi lemak ayam there, man... =D

After dinner, we went to The Social at Jalan Telawi, the place Vince Teh and I went to on our first date outing together after watching Resident Evil: Extinction some time last month. I had ordered one of the best cocktails there: Love Bite. I remember when Vince ordered the Nightmare cocktail, we made a joke outta it... saying that my Love Bite is his Nightmare... kekeke... ;P Oh, how I miss that night... ^_^ I still remember how we waited for the rain to stop at the kerb outside Bangsar Village at midnight before we ran across the road to The Social... ;) I wish Vince was there last night... I haven't seen him in 3 LONG weeks!!! @_@ To reminisce the sweet memories of our first date outing, I ordered Love Bite again and I text Vince to let him know how much I missed him. He said I should have ordered Nightmare this time around... =P

Anywayz, Julz and Keith played pool while I waited for Sacha to come. I hadn't seen this bhander in MONTHS... -_- So when she FINALLY turned up, we had fun drinking, talking and laughing... and just being bhander-ful as usual... =P

Not long after that, Mike Chen arrived and he played pool with the 3 bhanders. Mike is a friend of Rees Ho, my former colleague at Batey Ads. Coincidentally, Mike is also the cousin of the Yong siblings (Zhiyoong, Huiyoong and Chuanji), whom I grew up with in church. Small-world encounters have become a remarkable norm to me lately. Rees was Calvin Say's high schoolmate. And Cal was someone I dated briefly (from Renewal Lutheran Church) and he's a friend of my godsis, Sharon Wong... =P

All in all, I had a great night with my 3 bhanders... plus Mike and Rees, of coz... =D Rees was only there for a short while tho... and he seemed a lil' moody... =P Mike, you owe me a drink and Rees, you owe me dinner... ;P *yes, I'm in thick skin mode*

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