Friday, November 16, 2007

Camwhore Queen of 2006/2007

Overtly bimbofied post. Reader discretion is advised.

Last Sunday, my godma and I had lunch at La Bodega Bistro & Tapas (a Spanish Tapas Bar situated at Bangsar Shopping Centre) and then we went... SHOPPING!!! We shopped at a few boutiques including my favourite ones: Zara and Cats Whiskers. These are what she bought for me:


Cats Whiskers

Then we had our hair done at Dry Cut. Check out my new look:

Y'all like my steez?


I'm a redhead again... ^_^


Love me or hate me, that is the question.


Sooner or later, somebody's gonna sue me for excessive camwhoring.


Somebody please exorcise the spirit of vanity outta this camwhore before she gets any worse.


peekaboo said...

hahaha well, i'd be a camwhore too if i were as pretty as you!

i wanna be a camwhore!! but i fear i may cause my camera lens to crack! hahaha

michsue said...

hahaha... since when i'm pretty la... =P my camera lens cracked a zillion times b4 ady... kekeke... ;P