Sunday, November 11, 2007


On the eve of Deepavali (Wednesday), I went to the movies with a few of my colleagues. It was a "triple date" (cuz there were 3 girls and 3 guys)... hehehe... ;P We ordered McD's at 7ish and we had our dinner in the office and watched some funny clips on YouTube before going to GSC MidValley to watch 30 Days Of Night. I sat between Jay Fong and Siew Ming; Colin sat on the left of Jay, and the other 2 lovebirds (Vincee and Ron) sat on the far left of the cinema. Jay was being annoying (as usual) throughout the movie so I didn't really get to enjoy the movie... =P He seems to enjoy bullying me lately... =( He's 34 but he behaves like a 14-year-old... *rolls eyes* I think he likes to pick on me cuz I'm the youngest staff at SoftCell... =/

Anywayz, we all went back to the office after the movie and by 12.30 a.m. I was left working alone at the office. I was still feeling a lil' spooked from the movie but I tried not to think of the fact that I was all alone in the office and carried on with my work but when Colin called me on my cell at 1-ish and howled, "Wooooooooooh...", I got a lil' freaked out somehow. It sure didn't help when he told me that he felt chills right before he left the office.

Thanks, Colin... I'm SO gonna post those embarrassing pics of yours here... oh, and the video too... you just wait and see... grrr... -_-

Not long after that, my devilish angel (Vince Teh) called to comfort me and I started to calm down a lil' when we joked and laughed... but when he nonchalantly told me haunting stories about his office, I was like, "Dude, you're not helping!!!" =_=" Now you know why he's my devilish angel... he's a sweetheart but he can be so cheeky and evil at the same time... -_-

After we hung up the phone, it started to rain heavily and the strong wind caused the huge blinds to bang on the glass windows. Curtains were billowing like mad and the light above my desk was flickering a lil'... @_@ I told myself that it was just the rain and I managed to concentrate on my work for about an hour.

The rain had stopped by then so the office was as quiet as a cemetery. Then the banging came back. But the rain had stopped. So I went out to see who was banging on the glass window but there was nobody there. I felt the back of my hair stand up and goosebumps started to pop up all over my body. I text Colin to come back to the office to accompany me but he had already dozed off. Then I called Julz and asked if she could accompany me cuz I was really scared. So she and her bf, Keith came over at 4-ish and I was really glad to see them. I know they did it outta love more than anything else cuz they were very cheerful and happy to see me... ;P

They watched Astro in my bosses' room while waited for me to finish my work. By the time I was done, they had dozed off. I decided to let them sleep for a while so I slept on the other couch till 7-ish. Then we washed up and had dim sum for breakfast at Kuchai Lama. During breakfast, Keith told me he felt "something" when he first entered my bosses' room but he didn't wanna freak me out even more then and there so he decided to keep mum about it.

Nevertheless, I was grateful that Julz and Keith came over to accompany me in the wee hours of the morning. You guys are my bestest friends, man... *hugz* Thank you so much!!! *touched* I love you, bhanders... You guys are the best bhanders in the world, yo... hehehe...

One of my "Hoes Over Bros" members was really sweet too. My hoe bao bei (Kiyo) made me some Chinese herbal drink yesterday cuz she knew how hard I've been working lately... *sniffs* I felt so loved and pampered...
Thank you, bao bei!!! *muaks!*

Note to self:
Never ever work late alone in the office again.

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